I'd like to announce the release of my newest book  FREEDOM SONG,  a young adult historical fiction,
based on a true story. Salvatore Arno was a sensitive fourteen year old student and musician, trapped in a
Fascist military school in Sicily in 1899.  "Shoot to kill" and "hand to hand combat" were regular subjects
on the curriculum and Sal wanted none of it and all the beatings and mental torture were not changing his
mind. Music was his life and being forcibly separated from his family and music was more than he could
deal with. He dreamed of living in a free society, a democracy, where human life was valued and people
could vote for the government they wanted. He made his decision to run away, to find freedom in a far
away land he had read about called America. He made his plans, packed  his trunk and ran for his life,
over high walls, past German Shepherd guard dogs, search lights and sirens blaring through the  night.
Nobody told him about the new life-threatening challenges he faced, new, but life-threatening nevertheless.


“FREEDOM SONG by Dodie Ulery sagely guides the reader on the passionate, and historical journey of fourteen year old, Sal’s, immigration
from southern Italy, Sicily, to America, in the early 1900’s. Dodie Ulery‘s execution of dialogue is impeccable, holding the reader’s attention,
with its charm and wisdom. Her written words paint an exquisite picture of Sal’s struggles, challenges, integrity and strength of character. The reader
is transported from their world and enters his. Her expertly crafted story, FREEDOM SONG, celebrates diversity, compassion and tolerance.
Dodie Ulery shares a timeless glance, an enlightened remembrance that is remarkably relevant in our modern world and politics.” 
Rachel Elizabeth Carroll, M.P.S., Licensed Mental Health Counselor Daughter of Joseph Gaudio, who Immigrated from Northern Italy and arrived at
Ellis Island in year of 1922.

Ulery's uplifting FREEDOM SONG takes hold from first sentence, and readers are held captive for the duration of the action, the conflict, the characters
and the beauty of this story.  At   a time when immigration   issues are much in the news,  Freedom Song is an uplifting and inspiring true story that depicts the
spirit of the immigrants that made American great."
Robert W. Walker, author of The Red Path and the Instinct Series.

This is a refreshingly upbeat saga of a resourceful 14 year old boy's difficult but successful emigration journey from Sicily to the United States during
the early Fascist years in Italy.  The author - who is able  to create vivid and colorful visual images with her words - paints her characters and scenes in
such a way that the reader is left with strikingly colorful memories of the story's events long after reading them.   
Leo Christie, PhD

I found this to be a very moving and informative tale of the experiences of a young man escaping to our country. I wish everyone could read this  to
get in touch with that empathy that is in all of us. All of our ancestors, except Native Americans, went through this same type of experience....being an
Ellen G. Wulf, Author   





About the author

            Dodie Ulery, a native of Daytona Beach, is an award winning artist, specializing in fiber arts, including weaving and fine art basketry.
  Her baskets and photographs are seen and sold in Florida art galleries and gift shops.   

            She shares her life with her husband, family and pets on five acres, certified as wildlife habitat by both the National Wildlife Federation
 and the Institute for Urban Wildlife. It’s also a Monarch Butterfly Waystation, certified by the University of Kansas and a Pollinator Habitat.
 She facilitates workshops in all types of gardening and wildlife interaction.           

            She’s an award winning photojournalist. A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, her photographic images and articles
 appear regularly in publications from all over the world, including National Geographic.  She received the Silver Addy Award for excellence
 for the magazine cover image for Sun Times Magazine, October, 2002. Much of her work can be purchased through Fine Art America,
www.fineartamerica.com .    

            She is a 1997 graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. From 1980 to 1987 she published the first metaphysical newsletter in
Central Florida. She is a member of  Florida Freelance Writers, Cassell Network of Writers, Daytona Writers Guild and Garden
Writers of America.  

            In 2008, her non fiction books, Defining Miracles and Palmistry To Go were released by Lotus Circle Publishing. Her newest book,
Freedom Song, a young adult historical novel, was released by Taylor and Seale in 2018.

            She has been the featured guest on twelve AM and FM radio talk shows aired across the United States, Canada and South Africa and
 a regular guest on blog talk radio shows.  ( http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/dodie-ulery/ )

            She may be reached by writing or calling:  Dodie Ulery, 158 Cone Road, Ormond Beach, Florida, 32174 or calling 386-672-9950,  fax 386-615-8151
 or by email at dodieulery@hotmail.com  or through her website - http://www.lightboxx.net/



Dodie's other books, available from Barnes and Nobel, Amazon and Books-a-Million